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M2M in industrial automation – where are we headed?

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The GMA was created to help enterprises enjoy simpler, more profitable routes to launching global M2M & IoT services.

Our ambition is to help enterprises reduce the complexity of managing diverse operations; to deploy M2M & IoT services over multiple mobile networks more easily; and to achieve a faster time-to-market.

Global coverage

Global coverage

We currently provide enhanced M2M & IoT connectivity services throughout 33 countries in Europe and in key markets in North America, South America and Asia, with an additional 35 markets in the Asia-Pacific, Middle-East and Africa regions thanks to GMA’s partnership with Bridge Alliance. Within Europe our networks reach 94% of the European population.

Quality of experience

Quality of experience

Your customers will be expecting a high-quality, seamless service from their connected device: we ensure this happens straight out of the box. We help ensure this through our module certification program and by aligning our operational support processes.


Innovative services

We develop secure and reliable solutions that make it easier for enterprises to deploy connected devices on a global scale. With our new Multi-Domestic Service, an innovation M2M & IoT connectivity management service that combines an embedded SIM with a global Management platform, we make it easier for enterprises to deploy connected devices on a global scale.

Who we are

The GMA is an association of leading operators with world-class networks.

We have made it easier for global enterprises to deploy and manage M2M & IoT services across the world by aligning our operational processes, enhancing quality of service (QoS) and creating common services.

We have proven experience and know-how in supporting business-critical M2M & IoT services and collectively connect tens of millions of M2M & IoT devices. As established operators with a long history in M2M & IoT, you can be assured that our members offer outstanding levels of support and customer care.

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Why M2M & IoT?

M2M & IoT powers the Internet of Everything.

By embedding connectivity in everyday devices likes cars, watches, body scales and coffee machines, global enterprises have an opportunity to improve their business processes and operations. M2M & IoT can take the relationship with customers to a higher level by enabling new business models or services. The GSM Association estimates that by 2020, there could be 1 to 2 billion smart devices connecting to mobile networks.

Latest News & Media

Extending Telia Company’s Nordic footprint globally

The Internet of Things revolution is still in its early days, but is already driving the digitalization of industries across our Nordic market. It changes business models and creates new opportunities as well as new companies but also adds demands to adapt in order to capture these new value opportunities and ensure future competitiveness. The Nordic region is among the most mature markets in the world and the number of connected devices is expected to reach 150mn by 2020. This is well over five connected devices per person in the region. In a global economy this enables our Nordic companies to view the world as their market. This puts new demands on us as an operator having provided regional Nordic and Baltic connectivity services with high data consumption, we are now asked to work with our customers and partners as part of their global expansion. To have your trusted connectivity partner is important as is having the opportunity to expand globally. This requires new value networks enabling our Nordic enterprises to enjoy simpler, more profitable routes to launching and expanding global M2M services to the global market. “Global connectivity services such as Multi-Domestic-Service with its one platform, one SIM and one user experience designed to help global enterprises capitalize on the global expansion” says Marie Sanda, Director of Products at Telia IoT. “However, technology platforms is not all and the alliances among the tier one operators ensure simplicity in management of globally connected products and is a vital part of ensuring global connectivity” Marie continues On top of a strong European footprint working with some of the leading partners... read more

Mobile World Congress 2016: Innovation City Showcases Connected Living

How are mobile-connected products transforming our personal and working lives? Down at the GSMA Innovation City at the 2016 Mobile World Congress (MWC) leading telecommunications companies including the Global M2M Association (GMA) showcased from February 22 to 25 products and solutions that are changing the way the world communicates “Mobile is everything”—this year’s MWC aimed to define what “mobile” means. Which devices are or can become mobile? How does digitization change different industries and, with them, the way people live? Answers were given by more than 2,200 exhibitors, which showcased four days long innovative products and groundbreaking services at the fair ground in Barcelona. Nearly 101,000 industry experts and decision makers from 204 countries met to share news and views and initiate new business. “Mobile World Congress hit a significant milestone in 2016 as visitors to the event surpassed 100,000 for the first time,” said John Hoffman, CEO of GSMA Ltd. “This year’s Mobile World Congress incorporated a diverse range of events, spanning multiple sectors and interests, reflecting the expanding role of mobile around the world. We once again enjoyed a tremendously stimulating show, featuring a world-class speaker line-up and a range of cutting-edge product launches that will set the tone for the mobile industry for the remainder of the year and beyond.” GMA is part of the GSMA Innovation City One of the main highlights: the GSMA Innovation City in Hall 3. Estimated 28,000 visitors experienced first-hand the impact of mobile-connected products and services on consumers and businesses. Exciting live demonstrations from GMA and other leading telecommunication providers turned the 2,000 square meters into a visitor magnet. The... read more

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